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Long Distance Relationship APK Derscription

Long distance relationships can flop easily if not paid keen attention to. Unlike short distance relationship where maybe the couples live in the same town or district, long distance relationships mean the couples will take a considerably longer period of time before seeing each other.

This kind of relationship requires more than just I love you, it requires commitment, dedication and ground rules to not only keep the relationship going but alive. The following are some of the tips to a healthy, lively and alive long distance relationship.

a) Communication

There is an adage that goes that once you are out of sight you are definitely out of mind. This is true, we tend to keep images of what we see longer than what we do not see. Frequent communication is the only limitation to this saying. Staying up to date in your communication with your partner means bringing them closure to where you are. Sharing pictures through social media, posts and telephone calls not only makes your partner closure but also holds your love bond together making them look forward to your next meeting. Your communication should though not be excessive as it might seem nagging

b) Do things together even though you are miles apart.

You can plan events together even though you are far apart. You can decide to go shopping together wearing clothes of the same colour. The plan going for swimming together take pictures and share them through social media. This makes you enjoy these fun moments together even though you are miles apart.

c) Take it as an opportunity and grab it

Look at it as a chance for both of you to learn and grow your relationship. Let this be an opportune moment to help you develop and grow trust among you. Instead of thinking that it is pulling you apart, see it as a pull, bringing you closure to each other.

d) Set ground rules

Be clear on what you need and expect from each other. This will help you avoid doing things that will surprise the other party

e) Visit each other

It is a long distance relationship and it doesn’t mean you should never meet. As a matter of fact, you should meet as frequently as you can to grow your relationship. These visits are the highlights of any long distance relationships. After forever waiting to see each other, create that moment of being together.

f) Be goal oriented

What does your relationship what to achieve at the end of it all? What do you want to achieve from it all? Setting goals for your relationship make you be on track with your activities towards each other. It shows you are committed to making everything work out.

g) Be honest with each other

Talk about your fears, insecurity, jealousy, apathy and any other things honestly with your partner. Do not deal with things alone, or secretly behind your partners back, be honest and this will guard you against pain and regret after disclosing things when it is too late.

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