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CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 and up
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ReleasedApr 30, 2019
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myWisely APK Derscription

From ADP, the most trusted name in pay, comes myWisely, a new way to help you manage your money and achieve your financial goals.

myWisely syncs seamlessly with your Wisely Pay or Wisely Direct card. If you don’t yet have a card, take a look at our newest card offerings at With a Wisely card, you’ll no longer need to pick up your paycheck at work. You’ll no longer need to wait in long lines at the bank to access your money. And avoid check cashing fees. Save yourself time and hassle.

IT GETS BETTER. By downloading myWisely, you can track all of your day to day Wisely card spending to see where your money is going. It is automatically categorized when you swipe your card, so you know how much you’ve spent on groceries, dining out, shopping, and more. You can also receive real time transaction and balance alerts. And get insights and tips on how to spend less. You can even set up savings goals to help you build a brighter financial future.

WIN $1,000. By using this app with your Wisely card, you’ll be able to follow your progress towards earning entries to become eligible to win sweepstakes prizes. We are giving away $1,000 each to 10 winners EVERY MONTH FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. You never know what Wisely will be giving away next, so download myWisely today!

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Apr 30, 2019
v 1.0.0
  21.19 MB
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