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War Eternal APK Derscription

When you command Hercules and Hannibal – the only limit is your ambition!

Absorb other kingdoms through conquest and build an empire on their ashes.

Diplomacy takes center stage, whether signing a deal with an enemy order (even those in other kingdoms!) for a cut of the loot, or simply buying enough allies to wage war.

☆ Key Features ☆

1. A New World – You are dropped into an unknown land where time seems to stand still and mysteries abound, with heroes and commoners alike all vying for a place here.

2. Legends Come Alive – 90 heroes pulled from history await your commands.

3. 3 Grand Civilizations with Many More to Come – Rich details and real history have been carefully woven into every layer of the game.

4. Avatar Decoration – Dress up your avatar for any occasion, any way you like. Choose from a wide variety of options to make the avatar that best represents you.

5. Assembly Battlefield – Gather friends and allies and fight together in massive battles with hundreds of other players - all at the same time.

6. No Fate – Except that which you make for yourself. Luck and beating the odds are just as much a part of this game as anything else. Your fate is in your hands.

History is written by the victors.

Download War Eternal now and write yours.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarEternal/

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APK Details

CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 and up
Ad supportedYes
ReleasedApr 22, 2019
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APK Versions

Jun 10, 2019
v 1.0.13
  86.95 MB
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What's New:

1. The Kaenian Offensive
2. Battle for the Bullion
3. The War is Coming even
4. New Heroes: Atalanta, Ferdinand Magellan
5. Cross-kingdom Chat

1. Fortress Rally Rules
2. Order Rally Rules
3. VIP Level Display
4. An ""Instant Claim"" button for My Readiness daily chests
5. Watchtower functions optimized.
6. Other events and features optimized.