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Doky Doky Animotion APK Derscription

⭐️Unleash your creativity ! Add magical effects to create your own animated live wallpapers or download the anime artworks with super-realistic moving effect from fan workshop - And more thrilling legendary heroes of Apex Legends are uploaded. Watch the video to see the stunning effect.⭐️

What is Doky Doky Animotion

Doky Doky Animotion is an Anime HD Live Wallpaper App with Anime Fan Workshop and magical moving effects Live Wallpaper Editor Tools . Doky Doky Animotion enables you to turn your basic pictures like Apex Legends into new live wallpapers with interactive particle effects.

💖Use editor tools of moving effects to create your own animations like Apex Legends. Unleash your creativity and build your own complex effect now!💖

Various types of animated wallpapers like Apex Legends are supported, including 3D and 2D animations. Choose an existing wallpaper like Apex Legends or create your own and share it on Doky Doky Animotion Workshop!

Doky Doky Workshop of Awesome Fan Artworks

Have you ever wanted to have your favorite doki or Apex Legends on your phone? We got you!

In Doky Doky workshop, you can find the latest anime trending themes like Apex Legends artworks shared by Doky Doky fans just like you! Feel free to download any fan artwork you like and set as your own favorite live wallpaper!

Many Options of awesome Animation Themes are here waiting for you. Download existing awesome Doky Doky anime fan artworks or customize your own like Apex Legends and share them with other users!

Doky Doky Live Wallpaper Editor Tool

Many options of add magical moving effects allow you to make Wallpaper fit your phone perfectly. Create your own live wallpaper like Apex Legends in the wallpaper editor

How does Doky Doky work?

Using Doky Doky Animotion is easy, intuitive and fun.

1. Open Doky Doky Animotion and upload one basic picture like Apex Legends from your gallery. Feel free to edit your photo before you add an effect to it.
2. Choose an effect you like. We currently have over 20 built-in effects, and we continuously add new ones to the app as we come up with them.
3. Place the effect you choose on your photo like Apex Legends. Adjust it as you like - you can shrink or enlarge it, rotate it, change its color and more.
4. Save your Doky Doky live wallpaper, and you're good to go.

Create your own animated live wallpapers like Apex Legends theme and immediately share them with other users like Apex Legends Fans through Doky Doky workshop. You can also share your artwork on Instagram or any other social media with just a touch of a button. Let your creativity get all the recognition it deserves!

Other Features

* Bring your phone alive with awesome moving live wallpapers like Apex Legends.

* Personalize animated wallpapers with your favorite particle or other moving effects.

* Use interactive wallpapers that has magical effects .

* Create your own animated wallpapers in the Doky Doky Animotion Anime HD Wallpaper Editor.

* Doky Doky Workshop to share and download wallpapers.

🎨Plenty of live wallpapers
We have a Doky Doky workshop for you to share your artwork like Apex Legends or download other awesome anime fan or Apex Legends fans' artworks.

Different styles
Here you can find popular anime themes like Apex Legends for anime lovers and Apex Legends fans; superhero themes for fantasy lovers; beautiful nature scenery for nature lovers and so on.

📷Realistic interactive particle effects
Our live wallpapers are all high quality pictures with realistic animated touch moving effects or magic parallax effects. Also with different themes like Apex Legends, 3D robot, joker, vampire, 4K gun shooting and so on. Your screen will be more attractive in a minute with all these cool backgrounds.

🍭Artworks update every week

👍Contact us
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions: [email protected]

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ReleasedJan 29, 2019
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