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Size91.69 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 and up
Ad supportedYes
ReleasedApr 18, 2018
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BeGenius APK Derscription

The first ever educational trivia game with RPG elements

BeGenius — Intellectual Arena🛡⚔️

- Play with people from across the globe 🌎 in real time and answer dozens of thousands challenging questions specially written for BeGenius 📝
- Paintings 🌄, images 🔱, geographical map 🗺, numerical rounds 💯 are all part of battles 🌓
- Develop your character's skills and enhance them with cool items 👟👗👑
- Appreciate the unique game balance that allows an engineer 👩‍🔬 and an artist 👨🏼‍🎨 to fight on equal ground

Who's my genius 🤔?

Start playing by choosing one of 15 historical characters who changed the world — from Galilei to Queen Victoria. There are 5 basic categories: History, Geography, Art, Sports, and Science. Study and evolve 🎓, gain levels 🌀, upgrade your skills ❤️, and compete with other players online or with your friends 🙏🏼

Intellectual duels — may the best win 💪🏻

When players don't know right answers and both miss — duels lose their savour…
However, it's all different in our game — it only gets more thrilling when people hit wrong answers on interesting questions, for the fight goes on ⚔️.
Interactive rounds finish duels by spotting the smartest and most precise players 🎯!

Just like in the Millionaire? No way 🙅🏼🤦🏻‍♂️

- Check your knowledge and get gems for your correct (and even wrong) answers 💎
- Play with friends online. Compete and study at the Academy 🏛
- Reach the top list of the smartest and win tournaments 🏆
- Not your everyday general knowledge but choicest questions only ☝🏻

It's not just a quiz, it's a way! The way of the genius ⛩ 🌅
Become a genius! Download the game now 📲


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APK Versions

Sep 24, 2018
v 3.4.1
  91.69 MB
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What's New:

- All your battle history with a detailed question log and sources for fact-checking — in Academy
- Watch geniuses compete in real time — in Cups
- Invite players right from the Chat to have friendly fights without adding them as friends — in Player profile
- Friendly fights no longer demand energy
- Chat and Player profile usability improved
- Loading screen localized for all languages