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Size4.72 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 and up
Ad supportedYes
ReleasedAug 16, 2017
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Java Basics Learning APK Derscription

Yes, If you are searching for an app to learn Java without any prior knowledge, we made this app for you only.

Start from the basics- java basics learning

We built this app keeping in mind you are new to java we covered core topics which are necessary for java programming!

We got several requests from our java deep learning users!

So we came up with this java basics learning! This app contains only basics which make helps to make your foundations strong before going into java deep learning ( our fully and deep learning for java app).

We consistently think of ourselves as an end user and develop apps. We discussed a lot what should be modules and topics and finalized on 3 modules
1) learn
2) code
3) help

Learn consists of various basic topics,
2.why we use java
3.Difference between C and Java
4.How to configure java environment
5. What is JDK JRE and JVM
6.How to compile and run a java program
8.Reserved Words
9.Data Types
11.Classes & Objects
12.Access Modifiers
14 Loop Control
15.Decision Making
20.Oops Concepts
21.Abstract classes
23.this & super keyword
24.Exception Handling

The code consists of an example over the basics discussed in learning

Finally, HELP,
We will be consistently watching you and will ready to answer, within less span of time with promising answers to your questions !!

So don’t ever think you are alone.

with love AwwalSoft


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APK Versions

Sep 20, 2018
v 1.0
  4.72 MB
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What's New:

Bugs Fixed
Added 50+ code examples with great UI
A search feature added in Coding examples