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ReleasedMar 16, 2017
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AutoTel APK Derscription

Here are some of the cool new things you'll find in the APP:

*Pre-order a car 15 min in advance - creating just that gap for your train to arrive at
its destination, and for you to simply walk towards the car, unlock the doors and

*Find a car on the AUTOTEL map screen: Watch all of AUTOTEL's parking spots and
cars available around your vicinity.
You can also control the view radios - spreading your search even wider, or the other
way around - narrowing it down to even a few meters away from your location.

*Enjoy our new, high-end multimedia system installed in all of our cars, and
allowing you to control every aspect of your ride - from listening to your own
favorite music via BT interface, navigating to places you need to go during your ride,
and even search for an AUTOTEL's designated parking spot from the parking spot list
screen in the multimedia.

So who are we? AUTOTEL is Tel-Aviv- Yafo's new car-sharing service.
What's so good about it? It saves you time, Money and trouble!

*save time on searching for parking around the city – for each one of our cars in the
service you'll find two parking spots! We have 40 cars to begin with? There are 80
parking spots in the city, we insert some more cars, let's say bring it up to 80? There
will be 160 AUTOTEL spots! You get the picture right? ;)

*save money – research shows that private car ownership, with everything that
includes in it, is simply a foolish waste of money, money you can save by giving up
your private car and start using car-share

*Help the planet – research shows that every one of our shared cars removes about
9 to 14 cars off the city road – and serves a similar sized group of people. Doing so, a
car-sharing service also reduces the CO2 emission and thus for helps preserve the
planet and keeps the air we breathe just a bit cleaner. So help your neighbors –
reduce traffic congestion, help yourself by saving money, and if you can than why

So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THE APP TODAY AND JOIN US!

AUTOTEL - Pick me up for a ride!

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