Drive Ahead! for PC

Knock your friend in the head with a car to score points.

Published by  Dodreams Ltd.
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About Drive Ahead! For PC

Download Drive Ahead! for PC or MAC and run the app on big screens to enjoy a better user experience. Below you will find the info on Drive Ahead! and steps on how to install Drive Ahead! on PC and download links to all the available versions of Drive Ahead!.

Do you like driving games? What about gladiator fights? What happens if we mix the two concepts? We get Drive Ahead! It is not your average racing or driving game. It's a driving game in which the objective isn't to reach the finish line or travel as far as possible. Rather, your only purpose is to eliminate your rivals before they eliminate you. You'll have to try to hit the other vehicle in the head to do this.


Drive Ahead! battles occur in enclosed arenas with interactive aspects. The most popular are ramps and loops, but there are also huge seesaws, UFOs that try to kidnap you, and mines that explode when touched. There are almost a dozen completely unique things in each battle arena. This game requires you to go head-to-head with your competitors so watch out for your head!

Collect Stylised Cars

To master progressively perilous battle arenas, collect over 300 styled cars. Off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, tanks, stunt cars, and more can be discovered in Drive Ahead! As you progress further into the game. A phantom pirate ship, electric reindeer, and a Mini-T-Rex with a rifle are just a few of the rides that are out of this realm. Additionally, you can also customize your character’s helmet to give a more personalized look.

Multiplayer Mode

Sure! Usually, multiplayer mode is found in shooting action games but Drive Ahead! also sports a multiplayer mode to make your experience fun and interesting. You can even form a crew by teaming up with fellow guildmates. In co-op racing challenges, participate in leader boards and lead your crew to victory.

Active Video Community

Take a road trip to confront adventure and foes. Practice your car-controlling talents with these stylized cars. - With the game's active video community, you may share your top scores and most humorous moments. Become a popular driver by having your video published in the community hub.

Exotic Mission Stadiums

While avoiding threats such as robots, aliens, and penguins, explore unique Mission Stadiums for incredible rewards. Hundreds of pixel cars, helmets, levels, missions, and game modes offer hours of helmet-crashing two-player motorsport fun with bizarre collisions! How long can you hold the throne in King of the Hill against an infinite stream of foes before going kaboom?

How to Install Drive Ahead! on Windows PC or MAC

Below are few easy instructions to download and install Drive Ahead! on PC and you can follow the same if you have a MAC. We will be using an Android emulator for this process. Several good Android emulators on the internet let you emulate an Android device and run Android applications. You can install an Android app on to emulator via .apk file or from Google Play Store, if you would like to skip logging in to Google first option works best.

  • Select an Android emulator that works best for your Windows or MAC.
  • Download and install the emulator on your computer.
  • Open the emulator and login to Google to access Google Play Store or you can skip this step if you prefer.
  • In case you skipped the previous step, download Drive Ahead! APK from the download links below.
  • Open the emulator to drag and drop the apk file which should initiate the app install process.
  • Once the installation is complete you can run Drive Ahead! on your PC or MAC.

Happy gaming in case you are playing Android games on PC.