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ReleasedDec 1, 2018
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Tricky Riddles with Answers & Brain Teaser APK Derscription

Train your brain with tricky riddles and answers. It gets the most popular collection of riddles for kids, including What am I riddles, math riddles, kids riddles and more.The following brain teaser riddles show the examples:

What always goes to bed with its shoes on? The answer is "A horse"
I am a seed with three letters in my name. Take away the last two and I still sound the same. What am I? The answer is "A pea"
What is harmless but can kill you? The answer is "Time"

Usage Scenarios:
★You can use this app to test your friends, classmates, families to see whether they can solve the riddle.
★You can use this app in a party as quiz to test others and punish them if they fail to guess the answer.
★Also you can test yourself when you are free.
★Test your IQ and brain power with this riddle app.

Key Features:
- Enough time for you to guess the answer for each brain teaser riddle
- Check the answer just by one click
- Tons of riddles in different categories
- Handy for party, friends, classmates, families and self entertainment
- Test your brain and IQ
- Daily riddle recommendation: recommend several riddles for you to guess. This daily riddle feature needs to be manually enabled and it contains ads.

Riddle Categories:

★ Animal
★ Food
★ Kids
★ Funny
★ Best
★ Science
★ Love
★ Sports
★ Time
★ Good
★ Math
★ Brain Teasers
★ Hard
★ What am I?

We will update riddles continuously. You can contact with us if you have any suggestions or if you want to provide us with some interesting and funny riddles to share with all the users of this app. Just guess the answer and enjoy yourself.

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