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ZombieDrive APK Derscription

Yes, it happened. Global catastrophe, the spread of the virus, unsuccessful attempts by the government to cover it all up.
Result: half of the continent is quarantined, its main population is now zombies, and there is no connection with the outside world, as well as law enforcement agencies, infrastructure and hope for a bright future.
But you are not one of those who surrender! This is a new world and it has new rules. Your rules. Now you are your own boss, and your only job is to be great! So, you do not see the walking dead, you see walking targets. You do not cry over the ruins of civilization, you take out resources from there and create a new super-weapon from them!
Beat, shoot, chop, blast! Find other ways to destroy zombies. Team up with other survivors, trade, travel and evolve. Only you determine what to spend time on:


Your home, in this crazy world, is a small town inhabited by other survivors. Win their trust and together, you can achieve much more than just survival!


There is nothing wrong with standing out. How your house will look like is up to you. So, build, strengthen, decorate! Apocalypse is not a reason to deprive yourself of comfort.


Find blueprints, rare resources and new ways to use them. Expand your arsenal of tools for survival and weapons for destruction.


The huge living world around was destroyed and is now teeming with evil zombies, but there is still something to look at. Visiting the beach, walking in the woods, going to the store is not the same as before, so be prepared for anything.


Level up your skills to beat harder and shoot better. Dictate your terms of war against zombies!

In this world, some nightmares have become a reality, but you accepted them. Now we need to do something more! Build up power, protect your home. Download ZombieDrive for free and create your own story. It's time to fight back the undead and have fun in the process!

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CompatibilityAndroid 4.1 and up
Ad supportedYes
ReleasedFeb 26, 2019
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Mar 7, 2019
v 0.72.2
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