Crocodile Simulator : Animal attack Crocodile Game APK

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Size89.33 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 4.1 and up
Ad supportedYes
ReleasedJun 5, 2019
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Crocodile Simulator APK Derscription

Enjoy the new world of animal simulator games with hungry crocodile simulator attack in jungle games of 2019. Hungry crocodile wild family is starving and ready to ultimate attack wild animals in city forest attack & beach attack. Be a threat to other species life in crocodile hunting games. Hungry crocodile attack the city & beach for evolution & to eliminate hunger!

Hungry crocodile family swims in water, crawl in sand or mud & hunt their targets, attack them in crocodile games. Be a part of swampy dangerous crocodile simulator to surprise attack in animal simulator evolution in jungle games. Whenever your prey in crocodile city & beach area, attack the other animals elephant, deer, angry gorilla and sea animals cleverly. Use sharp jaws mouth in animal simulator games. Alligator simulator is here to hunt wild animals in forest attack crocodile games. Be an angry crocodile monster who can attack to anything whether wild animals or people with sharp giant jaws with whole hungry crocodile evolution in animal hunting croc attack games.

Swamp, and hunt targets in animal attack games. No one can escape from crocodile attack and complete attack missions to unlock next level croc attack in crocodile games. Utilize swampy mischievous crocodile skills in attack to chase your pray with hungry crocodile family evolution in animal attack games. Sea animal & angry crocodile survival mission with real crocodile evolution would be interesting factors in jungle games. Perform hunting and attacking capabilities, creep slowly to hunt, attack and eat prey in crocodile family simulator games. Be a finest part in hungry & angry crocodile water evolution for survival mission at real city & beach attack in simulator alligator games.

Crocodile Simulator : animal attack crocodile game Key features are:
People, wild animals & more for surprise attack
Different crocodile city attack missions
Real crocodile simulator hunting & survival missions
Complete challenges to unlock levels
Big angry animated 3D crocodile

Download now and leave your suggestive feedback in comments so we can make gameplay better for you.

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Jun 17, 2019
v 1.3
  89.33 MB
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