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CategoryRole Playing
Size98.43 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Ad supportedYes
ReleasedMar 28, 2019
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Heroes Chaos APK Derscription

The attention-attracting sci-fi post-apocalyptic strategy idle RPG on Google Play! Recommended in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, with millions of players participating, summon the superheroes to save the dark world!

---Post-apocalyptic theme, strong immersive experience, rich functional gameplay, every day there are new content waiting for you to explore. By Super Heroes
---The game theme is novel, the war between multiply universals, the combination of fantasy and sci-fi, the epic battle between superheroes, is way better than those dragon and empires, magic and swords, kung fu or other themes. By Mobile RPG
---The character’s action is very unique and facial expression is rich. The battle is automatic, never get tired of watching it, and it’s fun to play. Idle gameplay, don’t have to cost too much time or money on it, it’s easy and simple. Enter the game and claim all the rewards with one key, full of achievement. By Legend Battle

[Game Features]
✓Auto-Battle System, Easy Idle RPG
Resource center, auto-battle system, deploy workers, upgrade buildings, go offline and wait, save the resources, one-key claim all auto-battle reward;
Adventure mode, assemble the team, auto-battle, clear the chapters, unlock the stories, complete the daily quests, one-key improve your strength;

✓Recruit Epic Heroes, Build A Legendary Team
Hero summon circle is open, three legendary hero casts, four epic hero classes, 100+ superheroes are waiting for you to summon!
Build your team strategically, activate the fate attributes, arrange positions and classes wisely, improve your team’s total combat power.
The battle song has begun, Carrot, Bruce, Inspector, Thor, Overlord, Wukong all gathered.

✓Gather Super Heroes, Challenge Final BOSS
Disasters happen frequently, the end of the world comes and darkness strikes……
In adventure mode, gather the best superheroes, defeat the final BOSS, save the world shrouded in darkness.

✓Lots of Modes & Features, Amazing Gaming Experience
Adventure, Resource Center, Events, Guild, Summon, Wheel……More features are waiting for you to unlock!
Hero Upgrade, Skill Upgrade, Talent Reborn, Attributes Advance, Equipment Refine, Rune Collect……Heroes are waiting for you to improve their power!
Ruins, Endless War, Heroic Trials, World Boss, Tavern Quests, Runecraft……More gameplay are waiting for you to experience!

✓Global Players Competition, Become World No. 1
Challenge, Top 32, Arena, Energy Raid……More PvP modes await!
World Martial Arts Tournament has begun, defeat 7 rounds of opponents and win the final victory, summon the Dragon and become the strongest one in the world!

✓Beginner’s 7-Day Benefits, Free Gifts Awaits You
Accumulated login for 7 days to claim epic suit, summon legendary heroes, activate fates.
Complete different quests every day to claim Gems and rare resources, and win the final prize.

Limited amount (10,000) legendary heroes are currently giving away, download Heroes Chaos now, join millions of Adventurers’ heroes battle!

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Mar 28, 2019
v 1.0.9
  98.43 MB
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