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Koober book summaries are your 'cheat notes' for the world's best-selling non-fiction books in 20 minutes.
There are 1 million non-fiction books released every year would you believe.
Let's say 80% of those books just aren't your cup of tea...
...and out of the 200,000 remaining (subjects you care about) there are only 0.1% that are the best of the best.
The New York times claim there are ~200 books a year that simply can't be missed.
Given the average person reads only 4 books a year...
...we are all going to miss out on some of the biggest ideas of our time, every year.
Enter Koober.
Koober distills the key ideas and concepts into bite sized and easily consumable 20 minutes reads...
....or listens for that matter.
Koober cuts to the chase by reducing the book's length without minimizing the message.
Self-development and personal growth just got supercharged and reading is your new super-power.

“Money is something we choose to trade our life energy for.”
● Vicki Robin, Your Money or Your Life
“Used properly, money buys freedom, and freedom is one parcel in the wealth trinity: family, fitness, and freedom.”
● M.J. DeMarco, The Millionaire Fastlane
“The question you should be asking isn't, "What do I want?" or "What are my goals?" but "What would excite me?”
● Timothy Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek
Jumpstart your journey towards FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE by learning from the most recognized masters in the field. Discover all the best sellers that will help you finally reach your financial freedom.
● What’s the right mindset and how do you adopt it?
● How to optimize your budget? How to get out of debt?
● How and where to invest?
● How to stop working for money and make money work for you?
● How to save money by changing your lifestyle?
● What are the basics of 'frugalism', minimalism...?
Tired of living to pay off your debts?
Tired of devoting all your time to somebody else’s company?

Start living to meet your own goals, realize your own dreams, and spend more time with those who really matter to you. Others have done it before and can show you how!
Master in 20 minutes the knowhow, insights and practical tools of +30 best-sellers on financial independence accessible in written or audio format.
*Koobs don’t require an internet connection and are available in text or audio format.

Koober is an efficient and intelligent addition to your routine: on the bus, in your car, while jogging or enjoying your morning coffee.
Thanks to Koober:
● Read more, learn more;
● Hone your critical thinking skills;
● Engage with new ideas and practices that will improve your professional skills and enhance your personal development,
● Discover new Koobs every week.

Get started now!
Download the Koober app now and sign up for a free 7-day trial.
Both monthly and annual subscription plans are available.
Koober Premium $7.99 monthly or $79.99 yearly.
For more information, see our terms of use:
Koober Premium gives you:
● Unlimited access to 1000+ titles
● Unlimited access to all audio Koobs
● Both on and offline access to your Koob library

Not ready for our paid plan?
By choosing our Koober Free plan, you can enjoy 1 new staff choice each day.
See details in our terms of use and privacy policy.

Questions or suggestions?
Get in touch with our team at Koober.
[email protected]

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On Koober, you get unlimited access to what we call 'koobs'. These are bite sized summaries of best-seller books that you can read and/or listen to in 20 minutes or less using the mobile app.
Get through a whole book in the time it takes to vacuum the house, get to work or toss a few weights around at the gym. Your learning just got supercharged and reading is now your super power.

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