Ocean Sweep: A Fun Match 3 Game for Ocean Cleanup. APK

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Ocean Sweep: A Fun Match 3 Game for Ocean Cleanup. APK screenshot 1Ocean Sweep: A Fun Match 3 Game for Ocean Cleanup. APK screenshot 2Ocean Sweep: A Fun Match 3 Game for Ocean Cleanup. APK screenshot 3

Ocean Sweep APK Derscription

🐋 Help Bobby and his ocean friends solve puzzle quests and spread awareness on the effects of marine pollution and how we can prevent it from destroying our oceans. Playing the game is easy. Crush and smash the plastic trash like bags, straws, bottles, and other waste materials polluting our ocean to solve the puzzle and clear the stage.🐋

🦐 Ocean Sweep also independently helps NGOs spread awareness and solve marine pollution. So, if you want a fun match 3 game to play while you take a part in our drive to save the ocean, this game is definitely for you! 🦐

🐬 Use your quick thinking and strategy to clear each level and reach the top. Collect rewards daily and clear each level to gain tools that will help in finishing the top levels. 🐬

🎮 How to Play Game: 🎮
- Collect the target number of trash within the given number of moves
- Swap and Match 3 trash to get rid of them.
- Swap and Match 4 or more trash to create unique power trash.
- Finish the level with fewer moves than the given limit to get extra points.
- Use special power boosters to finish the game quickly.
- Collect rewards after clearing each level to acquire more tools
- Collect daily rewards and obtain gold coins by logging in every day
- Spin the daily roulette for a chance to win special prizes.

⚡ Boosters: ⚡
- Swap the sweeper with any trash to eliminate that type during a round.
- Swap a sweeper with any Is this a unique power trash?
- Tap the Pelican and then tap any trash for him to pick up.
- Try using the Pelican to scoop the Kraken out.
- The Shark can clear a whole row of trash.
- The Turtle can clear a whole column of trash.
- The Starfish gets rid of all the similar trash on the board. Tap to try it.
- The Crab lets you swap any two trash anywhere on the board.

🏀 Game Play Features: 🏀
- Clean the ocean from pollution and save marine lives.
- Fun and entertaining ways to switch, crush, and smash the trash.
- Prevent the Kraken from reaching people so you can save the day.
- The game offered is a free online game and can also be played online
- Enjoy the game solo or invite your friends to play with you.

🐟 Ocean Sweep is a free match-3 game to play, with optional in-game items and extra features that you can purchase. For every coin purchase, you make, part of the profits are independently donated to NGOs in support of their ocean cleanup efforts. 🐟

🐳 Have fun with the newest and the best match 3 game and help spread awareness on our marine resources - download it for FREE today! 🐳

🦀 By downloading Ocean Sweep, you are agreeing with our Terms of Service. 🦀

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APK Details

CompatibilityAndroid 4.1 and up
Ad supportedYes
ReleasedMar 25, 2019
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APK Versions

Apr 12, 2019
v 1.4.0
  47.27 MB
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What's New:

- New Packages section with purchase feature!
- New Donate feature for ocean cleanup activities
- Reduced game difficulty of very tough levels
- Enhanced Shop design appearance