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ABC 123 Preschool Learning Activities for Kids APK Derscription

If you have a toddler who is ready to enter in the parent teach learning phase, then ABC 123 Preschool Learning Activities for Kids is the best solution for you to get your little one familiar with the alphabets and counting numbers in an easiest and exciting way. Let you toddlers learn alphabet & learn counting 123;s (1-10) fast & easy!

ABC 123 is a kindergarten learning free game, which helps kids, learn English alphabets and numbers along with phonics and colorful pictures so preschoolers can master the kindergarten basics outside the classroom. ABC 123 is designed especially to gain the attention of kids by colorful visuals and soft background rhythm, which grasps the child’s curiosity so they learn and enjoy at the same time.

Besides audible Alphabets and Numbers pronunciation, ABC 123 also serves as a matching game book, which allows kids to match similar objects and get familiar with them in no time. There are different categories in the abc 123;s matching game including animals, birds, colors, shapes, foods, fruits, vegetables, transport, stationary, and various other day-to-day objects. By looking at their images keenly, children are able to recognize all these living and non-living objects in a very short time period. ABC 123 preschool learning activities for toddlers is for preschoolers above 3 years of age, which serves as the first step of little kids towards learning in an interactive and fun-filled manner.

One of the most attractive features of ABC 123 preschool learning activities for toddlers is that users can customize the gamebook setting according to their own preferences. After entering the parental lock, users can update the picture as well as sound corresponding to each alphabet as desired. The app’s interface is so simple that kids can also use it by themselves after little guidance and choose their favorite pictures for each alphabet. This feature of ABC 123 makes sure that your toddler doesn’t feel bored by going through the same pictures and sound each time. In addition, one can reset settings to the default setting any time.

ABC 123 Preschool Learning Activities for Kids is the ideal parent teach application, which teachers can also use to engage little kids in interactive learning. Preschool teachers can make kids learn alphabets and numbers step by step. Through this kindergarten learning free app, they can also familiarize little children with names of daily objects and living and non-living things in an exciting way. By using this great app as learning material, schools can also offset their budget to a great extent.

Prominent Features of ABC 123 activities for preschool app:
• Our free preschool learning games and activities for preschool app is the easiest way to teach your toddlers English Alphabets and Digital Counting from 1-10 with clear pronunciation. Enable your kids to learn counting and learn the alphabet in the fun way.
• Kids love the preschool alphabet games because of colorful pictures and cheerful background music.
• Object matching preschool alphabet games and learn counting games will help kids recognize different objects and shapes in daily routine.
• ABC 123 entertains and instruct children at the same time & is an excellent parent teach gamebook.
• The ultimate parent teach app as any one among parents, teacher, or older sibling can teach kindergarten basics to the little one.
• ABC 123 matching game book has a simple interface, which makes it quite user-friendly and guides the user step by step through arrows.
• This app allows parents or guardians to customize the pictures and sounds anytime without any difficulty.
• ABC 123 is totally free of annoying in-app purchases and ads.

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