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Free Offline Interactive Kids Stories for the new generation!

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Download Kids Stories for PC or MAC and run the app on big screens to enjoy a better user experience. Below you will find the info on Kids Stories and steps on how to install Kids Stories on PC and download links to all the available versions of Kids Stories.

Kids Stories About for PC

Free Offline Interactive Kids Stories for the new generation!
Listen the stories with audio and text.

Few Story Names
* A Different Take on Halloween
* A Flower a Day
* A Forced Christmas
* A Frog and a Frying Pan
* A Letter Soup
* A Lion without a Roar
* A Madman in the City
* A Pessimistic Dog
* A Resentful Thumb
* A Village on the Road
* An Allergic Wizard
* An Insignificant Task
* An Octopus in Trouble
* An Unexpected Arrival
* Art Town
* August Heat
* Balloon Acrobatics
* Bigmouth Fox
* Billy Peck, Tightrope Waddler
* Bobby the Mountain Climber
* Boobuan monkeys
* Brave Little Tortoise and the Monster
* Bula, the traveller
* Chess of a Thousand Colours
* Chocolate Tears
* Colourful Animals
* Colourless Tiger
* Duck Race
* Earth, Swallow Me Up
* Edward and the Dragon
* Fear is soft and smooth
* Fiona Famous
* Fleabags
* Foolish Lion & clever rabbit
* Forever a Monster
* Fox reared by the lion
* Friends from the Vegetable Patch
* George the Giant
* Grandfather’s Coins
* Hammer Blows
* Happy Endings
* Humility among the Animals
* Hunting for Smiles
* Invitation to the Ball
* Jemima the Nosey Giraffe
* Little Worm is Lost!
* Lola the Whale
* Mirror with a Malfunction
* Modern Nomads
* Monkey and the crocodile
* Music on your plate
* My Little World has Broken
* Never Make Fun of a Rhino
* Peggy’s Talking Pets
* Pillars of the Earth
* Playing with the Sun
* Prince Lapio
* Princess of Fire
* Problems on the Ark
* Robot with a Virus
* Searching for Stars
* Sparky Hooves
* Speedy Snails
* Stickybeard’s Treasure
* That’s Enough!
* The Bad Neighbours
* The Beauty Contest
* the Best Choice
* The Best Robot
* The Big Match
* The Birth of the Turtles
* The blue Jackal
* The Boy Who Always Won
* The Boy who Made a Country Smile
* The Brahmin's gift
* The Brave Boy and the Multicoloured Ghost
* The Brave Little Tortoise and the Monster
* The Careless Clown
* The Carnivorous Plant and the Butcher
* The Cave of the Thousand Treasures
* The Chain of Smiles
* The Cloudsqueezer
* The Cockerel, the Duck, and the Mermaids
* The Crashed Martian
* The Creature in the Attic
* The Day of Silence
* The Deductive Mr. Horsefly
* The Drawing That Talked
* The Evil Goblins
* The Experiments of Miss Ellis
* The Fairy and the Shadow
* The Flying Contest
* The Full Warren
* The Good Pirate
* The great palace of lies
* The greedy cloud
* The greedy jackal
* The Grumpy Tree
* The Hair Thief
* The Happy Sweeper
* The Hypersensor
* The Incredible Black Rain
* The Island Of Inventions
* The Knight and the World
* The Last Dinosaurs
* The Lazy Little Bird
* The Life-Wasting Potion
* The Little Glutton
* The Little Star
* The Magic Coins
* The Magic Key
* The Magic Tree
* The Magic Window
* The Match and the Toy Men
* The Mocking Tiger
* The mongoose and the farmer's wife
* The Moon Lake
* The Mysterious Juggling Clown
* The Mystery of the Missing Coin
* The Old Man on the Moon
* The Opera Singer
* The Origin of Happiness
* The Outing
* the Paper Rocket
* The Pet Sack
* The Photographic Elephant
* The Pleaseometer
* The Poor Bunny's Magic Present
* The potion and the wind
* The Princess without a Palace
* The Prisoners
* The Proudest Parents
* The Queen’s Journey
* The Red Moon
* The Respectful Prince and the Dwarves
* The Safe
* The Sage's daughter
* The Sparrow and the elephant
* The Sword of Peace
* The Ticklish Kid
* The Tidy Toys
* The Toothy Toad
* The Tree and the Vegetables
* The Trick
* The Two Towers
* The Ugly Fairy
* The Unfriendly River
* The Unlucky Merchant
* The Wand That Ran Out
* The Warm Whale
* The Wicked Prince
* The World's Best Warrior
* Trapped in Tidyland
* Trouble in the Science Class
* Tubby, the Pot-bellied Cat
* Two Intelligent Boys
* Waking Nightmare
* Win or Lose
* Works of the Kingdom

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How to Install Kids Stories on Windows PC or MAC

Below are few easy instructions to download and install Kids Stories on PC and you can follow the same if you have a MAC. We will be using an Android emulator for this process. Several good Android emulators on the internet let you emulate an Android device and run Android applications. You can install an Android app on to emulator via .apk file or from Google Play Store, if you would like to skip logging in to Google first option works best.

  • Select an Android emulator that works best for your Windows or MAC.
  • Download and install the emulator on your computer.
  • Open the emulator and login to Google to access Google Play Store or you can skip this step if you prefer.
  • In case you skipped the previous step, download Car Racing APK from the download links below.
  • Open the emulator to drag and drop the apk file which should initiate the app install process.
  • Once the installation is complete you can run Car Racing on your PC or MAC.

Happy gaming in case you are playing Android games on PC.

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