8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat) for PC

Android 4.4 / CyanogenMod 10.2 stock messaging app with improvements & extras

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Download 8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat) for PC or MAC and run the app on big screens to enjoy a better user experience. Below you will find the info on 8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat) and steps on how to install 8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat) on PC and download links to all the available versions of 8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat).

8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat) About for PC

** An update of 8sms to the new Material theme from Android Lollipop is planned. Please be patient with us. **

** 8sms is "trial ware". The "trial" period is 14 days. **

** After the "trial" period, ads will appear (but you can continue to use 8sms for as long as you like). You can remove the ads by making an in-app donation: http://8s.ms/removing-ads **

Stock messaging app with useful updates and enhancements.
The latest and best from Android and CyanogenMod.
No bloat. No fuss.
Just a better stock app.

8sms is a port of the Android stock messaging (sms and mms) app with a few extra useful features then added on. The current version is ported from Android 4.4.4 and CyanogenMod 10.2 M1.

Notable features

• Quick reply pop-ups
• Emoji support
• Optional dark theme
• Clean and no bloat
• Most robust "out-of-the-box" mms support

Paid app and "trial" period

Due to problems with financial viability as a free app, 8sms has now effectively become a "premium" app (via in-app donations) with a free "trial" period.

There is a 14 day trial period for new installs. In the trial period, ads do not appear. After the trial period, ads will appear but if you donate, you can disable the ads: http://8s.ms/removing-ads

Donating the minimum amount listed in "In-app purchases" below is sufficient to disable the ads.

Donations are "remembered" across upgrades and reinstalls. If you update to a future version of 8sms or uninstall and reinstall, 8sms will remember that you have donated.

You only need to donate ONCE. If you ever have a problem with donations not being remembered, please email us for assistance.

In-app purchases

The in-app billing permission is used for in-app donations.

Usage (Android 4.3 and earlier)

8sms has two modes: default and Stand-alone mode.

In default mode, please do not disable or remove the messaging app that came with your device as that is still required to receive sms and mms messages. Instead, Turn off notifications for the messaging app that came with your device. Then you won't get two sets of notifications.

In Stand-alone mode, please disable or remove the messaging app that came with your device otherwise every new message will be stored twice.

Usage (Android 4.4 and later)

Please install and make 8sms your default sms app.

If you have a lot of old sms messages, it may take a few minutes for 8sms to load conversations the first time.


If you have issues using this app, please see http://8s.ms/info for helpful information and possible solutions. Sample topics include, for example:

Removing ads: http://8s.ms/removing-ads
Duplicate notifications or messages: http://8s.ms/duplicate-notifications-or-messages
Missing notifications or messages: http://8s.ms/missing-notifications-or-messages
Can't send or receive mms: http://8s.ms/cant-send-or-receive-mms
Dual SIM support: http://8s.ms/dual-sim-support

Then, if you still have issues, please ask for help.

Forum di supporto italiano (Italian language support)



This app requires a wide range of permissions because it is a port of a system app. System apps use a lot of permissions. Full network access is required in order to send (or download) mms using your phone's cellular data (mms) connection.

The "approximate location" permission is used for serving ads. It is not used if ads are disabled.

Compatibility and Feedback

If you install this app on your phone and it does not work, please try the links above.

If they don't help, then please email us via the registered email address of this app. Please be sure to specify your phone model and Android version number, and the version of 8sms you have installed.

Thank you.

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How to Install 8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat) on Windows PC or MAC

Below are few easy instructions to download and install 8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat) on PC and you can follow the same if you have a MAC. We will be using an Android emulator for this process. Several good Android emulators on the internet let you emulate an Android device and run Android applications. You can install an Android app on to emulator via .apk file or from Google Play Store, if you would like to skip logging in to Google first option works best.

  • Select an Android emulator that works best for your Windows or MAC.
  • Download and install the emulator on your computer.
  • Open the emulator and login to Google to access Google Play Store or you can skip this step if you prefer.
  • In case you skipped the previous step, download Car Racing APK from the download links below.
  • Open the emulator to drag and drop the apk file which should initiate the app install process.
  • Once the installation is complete you can run Car Racing on your PC or MAC.

Happy gaming in case you are playing Android games on PC.

Nov 26, 2014
v 1.48
  8.64 MB
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What's New:

MATERIAL DESIGN BETA: See http://8s.ms/material-theme-for-8sms

"Approximate location" permission is for ad targeting.

If ads are disabled (http://8s.ms/removing-ads), location AND analytics are not used.

1.46,1.47,1.48 (also with -googlefix) - 27/11/2014

o Compatibility fixes for crashes and bugs on Android Lollipop.
o Add Google Analytics for non-donated users.
o Various bugfixes.

Full change log at http://8s.ms/changelog