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Making sure you cover your 1099 taxes has never been easier. A subscription to RoamHR enables a dedicated, secure tax savings account that you control. We’ll help you identify income and set up automated rules to move just the right amount of taxes to your Tax Savings Account so that you’ll always stay on top of things. RoamHR will even automatically pay those troublesome quarterly payments to the IRS for you on your behalf. Our quick expense entry feature lets you capture one time and recurring expenses, so you’ll get better, up to date tax estimates that keep you from paying too little – or worse too much.

RoamHR is the mobile human resources department that goes where you go, helping you when you have multiple gigs and fluctuating income. The goal of the platform is to give you the same kind of experience with your taxes that W2 income earners have, where taxes are just managed.

RoamHR is free to download and use to manually estimate your taxes given that you input an earnings amount and a paid or savings amount. In addition, the free version allows you to manually enter and categorize business expenses. However, the real power of RoamHR comes from putting your taxes on autopilot by attaching your primary bank account to the platform and letting RoamHR automatically move money into your own Tax Savings Account which comes with the subscription. The subscription also enables you to sign up for RoamHR to automatically make your quarterly payments to the IRS. These features can be enabled via the following in app purchase -

In App Purchase Option:
RoamHR Tax Savings

•7.99 Per Month - 30 day renewable subscription option
Auto Renews every 30 days for bank account access features

By activating the RoamHR Tax Savings In App purchase, you'll want to read our Privacy and Licensing Agreements which can be found here:

With the active subscription you will have your own RoamHR Tax Savings Account. By moving tax savings into a dedicated account, we help you separate the money from your day to day cash flow and protect it from outside demands. You always have access to move it back into your checking account via ACH transfer in an emergency. If you do borrow from your Tax Savings Account, we’re better able to keep track of it and we’ll try to get you caught back up.

RoamHR aspires to make your ability to earn income easier, enabling you to better focus on the great work that you do. The platform provides articles and tips focused on independent income earners covering everything from how to pay your taxes to making sure you plan some vacation days. We’ll be offering additional tools that assist with the often-rough seas of independence and providing support on your career journey.

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CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 and up
Ad supportedYes
ReleasedFeb 14, 2019
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Apr 6, 2019
v 1.1.1
  13.78 MB
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What's New:

1.1.1 Simplifies account registration, Improves performance and improves usability of the free version.