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Route Directions Finder APK Derscription

The app is made to fulfill the daily life needs of travelers and tourists. Route Directions Finder : Maps, GPS & Travel app provides turn by turn navigation, live traffic information, address of any place worldwide, nearby places (Gas Stations, restaurants, ATM, etc.), emergency services (hospitals, police, etc.), compass, history, weather and speedometer. Route Directions Finder : Maps, GPS & Travel app is ideal for travelers and tourists because it also provides 3D Street view, nearby encyclopedia, weather information & share your location.

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Route Directions Finder : Maps, GPS & Travel app provides the below key functionalities:

1- Maps
2 - Voice directions
3- Traffic
4- Speedometer
5- Weather
6- Share your location
7- Encyclopedia
8- 3D Street view
9- Address of any location
10- Share any location
11- Nearby Places
12- Compass
13- Emergency services

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ReleasedMar 31, 2019
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Apr 19, 2019
v 1.0.2
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