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Bitstamp – trade crypto at trusted exchange APK Derscription

Direct access to crypto markets for reliable trading of five major cryptocurrencies. Manage your Bitstamp portfolio, buy & sell cryptocurrencies and send & receive crypto straight from your phone.

Bitstamp is the world’s longest-standing crypto exchange. We’ve continuously supported the blockchain economy since 2011 by providing a reliable gateway into the crypto universe.

Low fees, diverse order types and in-depth tradeview charts are what sets the new Bitstamp app apart from other crypto wallets and exchange apps.

- Simple buy/sell interface for beginners
- Advanced tradeview for experienced traders
- Realtime crypto rates & charts
- Secure storage for your assets – 98% of all crypto held in cold storage
- All currencies paired with USD, EUR and BTC
- Instant, market, limit and stop orders available
- Check your balance, transaction history and transaction details
- Remotely disable the app if your phone gets lost
- Available worldwide
- Send crypto for free as simply as scanning a QR code (we pay the transaction fees)

The Bitstamp mobile app packs powerful features into a simple package. We removed all the clutter and fit all of our trading functionality into just five simple screens:

1. Dashboard – an overview of all the crypto and fiat in your account, as well as all your transactions.

2. Tradeview – dive deep into the crypto market with live rates & charts and view the order book.

3. Buy & sell – chose from four order types, view and manage your open orders.

4. Wallet – Send and receive crypto from your phone by writing addresses or scanning QR codes.

5. Settings – Built as simply as possible so it doesn’t distract you from crypto trading.

Why choose Bitstamp?

We’ve been around since the early days of the industry, helped develop a number of best practices and earned the trust of over 3 million traders along the way. We were one of the first businesses in the world to provide a Bitcoin market and the first Ripple Gateway.
Our #1 priority is always the safety of our customers’ funds. That’s why we keep 98% of all bitcoins, litecoin, ether, ripple (xrp), Bitcoin Cash and ether in cold storage.
For example: When you buy Bitcoin Cash at Bitstamp, the crypto shows up in your account. But the private keys for your bch are securely stored offline. When you sell Bitcoin Cash, the buyer enjoys the same level of protection.

Responsibility for our products

While other exchanges focus on listing more and more unproven cryptocurrencies, we feel it is our responsibility to only offer crypto trading for projects we believe have proven their value and staying power. So far, this list includes btc, eth, xrp, ltc and bch. You can trade any of them for euros, U.S. dollars or bitcoins.

We are also a Ripple Gateway, so you can do more than just buy Ripple (xrp) at Bitstamp. We issue, allow you to transfer, buy and sell Ripple IOUs.

Low Fees for trades, free crypto transfers

We pride ourselves on providing a fairly priced service. The fees on Bitstamp depend on your monthly trading volume. Fees start at 0.25% and run as low as 0.1% of the value of your trade.
For example: you open an order to buy Ethereum with $1000 at the current market price. You will actually buy eth with $997.5 once fees are paid. When you want to cash out and sell eth, you open an order to sell Ethereum, which will cost you the same fees (or lower if you made enough trades).

Between the buy and sell order, you can transfer ether to a different wallet for free. This is a very rare feature, as most crypto exchanges and wallets will ask you to pay transaction fees to crypto miners. We pay mining fees for you, which allows you to send crypto free of charge.

All of this is available in our app. But to use it, you will need a Bitstamp account. If you don’t have an account, you will be asked to open one first (it’s free and simple!).
If you have any questions or issues, our customer care team will be happy to help you out at [email protected]

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Feb 5, 2019
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What's New:

Introducing the new Bitstamp app, bringing crypto trading to your fingertips whenever the action hits. This brand new app combines all the tools that make Bitstamp attractive for advanced traders in an intuitive interface, simple enough that anyone can begin trading in seconds. Besides buying and selling crypto, the app can be used to explore the market through our Tradeview interface and send and receive crypto free of charge.