Easy Street Free, The life sim for PC

Beat your friends in the game of life!

Published by  Rikard Swahn
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About Easy Street Free, The life sim For PC

Download Easy Street Free, The life sim for PC or MAC and run the app on big screens to enjoy a better user experience. Below you will find the info on Easy Street Free, The life sim and steps on how to install Easy Street Free, The life sim on PC and download links to all the available versions of Easy Street Free, The life sim.

In Easy Street, the objective is to reach your goals in the areas Happiness, Health, Career and Wealth before your opponent does.

Easy Street is a turn based life sim game with support for net play, solo play and playing against a computer player. Choose a career path and find an employer you like. You can either take the straight and narrow road of studying and working hard to climb the corporate ladder, or you can try making some fast cash in slightly more dubious ways. Find your own way of life!

In any case, be sure to maintain a healthy work-life balance and don't work yourself to death.

• Net-based game play with chat support.
• Play against random opponents.
• Invite friends via Facebook or your address book.
• Computer player with an Advanced AI featuring multiple difficulty settings and a fast forward feature.
• Many items to buy featuring different actions (NO in-app purchases).
• Almost 60 jobs in three different career paths and 9 employers to choose from, choose your own lane in life.
• Interactive game tutorial of to quickly get the hang of the game play in Easy Street.
• Chat message and game update notifications (optional).

In this turn based life sim, take the fast lane or play it safe and take the slow lane, just try keeping up with the jones's. But remember that keeping up with the jones's doesn't mean you should work constantly, that is not the whole story. Take a break from the fast and busy life now and then. Like a good life sims, Easy Street also features many real life criminal elements like burglary, petty theft, vandalism, drug dealing and cannabis cultivation, otherwise it would not be a real life sim, would it? Like my story so far? But also keep in mind that if you go down that lane to keep up with the jones's, be aware that fast cash does not come free in the long run (oh my), try telling the cops a story. If you prefer life sims that features these things before life sims that keeps it more politically correct, this life sim is for you. Life sims can be hard to grasp, and therefore a tutorial is also available in this life sim which tells a story how to play the game. The game also has a list of "my friends". Keeping up with the jones's can be a real balance act. Like in the spirit of other life sims, choose your own story, lane and way of life, so that you think: this is my way of life.

Beat your friends in the game of life!

How to Install Easy Street Free, The life sim on Windows PC or MAC

Below are few easy instructions to download and install Easy Street Free, The life sim on PC and you can follow the same if you have a MAC. We will be using an Android emulator for this process. Several good Android emulators on the internet let you emulate an Android device and run Android applications. You can install an Android app on to emulator via .apk file or from Google Play Store, if you would like to skip logging in to Google first option works best.

  • Select an Android emulator that works best for your Windows or MAC.
  • Download and install the emulator on your computer.
  • Open the emulator and login to Google to access Google Play Store or you can skip this step if you prefer.
  • In case you skipped the previous step, download Easy Street Free, The life sim APK from the download links below.
  • Open the emulator to drag and drop the apk file which should initiate the app install process.
  • Once the installation is complete you can run Easy Street Free, The life sim on your PC or MAC.

Happy gaming in case you are playing Android games on PC.