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ProjectImplemented APK Derscription

Created with idea to help to design projects, ProjectImplemented provides good opportunity to record your sketches. (It is is not a text editor or IDE, application provides neither compilers nor code editor). If you have a great idea, you've projected names of classes, methods, etc, but the only thing you have at the moment is your android device, then ProjectImpelmented will be really useful for you. All you have to do is select programming language, select what exactly you want to design and start!

Ⓐ What programming languages can be used in application?

—Application provides following languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, Python.

Ⓑ What can be created using application?

—You can create in application whatever you want. Application provides about 100
models. In object oriented programming languages you can create classes,
interfaces, enums, etc. If it isn't enough, you can also create your own models with
the help of manuals which are provided by application.

Ⓒ How accurate can be project created with the help of application?

—Your projects can be any level of abstraction. For example, you can create Class
and either just give it a name or create methods, constructors, fields, etc in it. For small
projects creating completed objects will be quite useful. For big ones it will be
enough just to specify names.

Other features.

— Application provides pseudocode editor which can be useful to sketch
functions, methods etc.

— You can see how your design looks with syntax highlighting in the application.

Permissions required:
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to read data from external storage. (All data of application is located in external storage so that you can edit data as you need)
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to write your projects.
Warning: If application crashes on start then check if this permissions are enabled. Go to settings of your device, click "Apps", select ProjectImplemented and enable permissions.

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APK Details

CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and up
Ad supportedYes
ReleasedJul 25, 2018
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APK Versions

Jul 25, 2018
v 1.0
  2.38 MB
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What's New:

Fixed code generation.
Added search feature.